Yield: Approx. 60 Cookies

Better be quick before my boyfriend eats them all =)

Better be quick before my boyfriend eats them all =)

These are my boyfriend’s favourite cookies! I don’t make them very often but when I do I have to stand guard over the cooling cookies so he doesn’t eat them all at once. Once cooled I like to drizzle a little white chocolate over the cookies to finish them off, however they are fantastic even without this step.

I prefer to chop my white chocolate rather than use chocolate chips. I find it makes the cookies chunky and the slivers of white chocolate that you get whilst chopping melt into the batter and make the cookies extremely more-ish. The same goes for chopping up the macadamia’s. If you’re allergic to nuts you can omit the macadamia’s, try substituting dried cherries or cranberries. They give the cookies a lovely tart note.

Feel free to also substitute milk chocolate chips and pecans for the white chocolate and macadamia, the recipe works well either way!


  • 20 mins Preparation + overnight for unsalted butter
  • Overnight Chilling
  • 12 mins Baking per Cookie Sheet



  • Mixmaster w/ Paddle Beater Attachment
  • Cookie Sheets w/ Silpat Mats (or Baking Paper)
  • Kitchen Scales
  • Measuring Spoons / Measuring Cup
  • Chopping Board
  • Sharp Knife
  • Mixing Bowl
  • Spatula / Rubber Scraper
  • Wire Rack
  • Glad Wrap
  • Baking Paper
  • Zip-lock bag
  • Scissors




Note Weight (Metric) Weight (Imp.) Volume
Unsalted Butter At Room Temperature 250g 8.8oz

1 cup

Caster Sugar

Also known as Superfine Sugar 220g 7.7oz 1 cup
Dark Brown Sugar 175g 6.2oz

1 cup

Vanilla Extract

2 tsp

½ tsp


Plain Flour Also known as All Purpose Flour 375g 13.2oz

2½  cup

Baking Powder

1 tsp
White Chocolate 300g 10.6oz

2 cups


220g 7.7oz

2 cups




Note Weight (Metric) Weight (Imp.) Volume
White Chocolate 100g

⅔ cups


METHOD – Dough:

  1. Chop the white chocolate into 0.5cm chunks
  2. Roughly chop the macadamia’s
  3. In a bowl, combine the flour and baking powder together
  4. Using the electric mixer, cream the butter and sugar’s together until light and fluffy
    • Scrap down the bowl down to ensure everything is mixed
  5. Add the vanilla and salt to the creamed butter mixture and beat until combined
    • Scrap down the bowl down to ensure everything is mixed
  6. Add the eggs one at a time, making sure that the first egg is completely combined before adding the second
    • Scrap down the bowl down to ensure everything is mixed
  7. Gradually add the flour mixture
  8. Stir in the chopped white chocolate and macadamia’s
  9. Cover with glad wrap and chill overnight in the refrigerator
  10. Pre-heat oven to 180°C / 350°F
  11. Line the cookie sheets with silpat mats or baking paper
  12. Roll tablespoon’s of the cookie mixture in the palms of your hands and place on the lined cookie sheets leaving 5cm between each ball of dough
    • Make sure you put the mixture back into the refrigerator between rolling out the dough otherwise it will get too soft and the cookies will spread too much
  13. Bake for 12 minutes or until golden and crisp around the edges
  14. Remove from oven and let rest for 10 mins before moving cookies onto the wire rack to cool completely

METHOD – Topping:

  1. Once the cookies have completely cooled, melt the white chocolate in a heat proof bowl in the microwave
    • Make sure you do this in no more than 1 min burst so you do burn the chocolate
  2. Place the cookies on a cooling rack or baking paper
  3. Pour the chocolate into a zip-lock bag and cut off the very tip of the bag
  4. Drizzle the chocolate over the cookies and leave to set

The cookies will keep in an air tight container in a cool place for about a week

The white chocolate drizzle is optional but doesn't it make the cookies look divine

The white chocolate drizzle is optional but doesn’t it make the cookies look divine




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