Yield: Approx. 40 Cookies

Gorgeous swirl!

Gorgeous swirl!

When I was a little girl we used to go and visit my Grandma several times a year during school holidays. Grams, as we affectionately called her, had the most amazing garden. There was always something in bloom, the most amazing strawberries and apricots you have ever tasted and best of all a fig tree!

Grams could always tell when I came to visit as the fruit off the fig tree would mysteriously vanish in a matter of hours. I loved my Grams and miss her every day, but every time I see, eat or bake with figs it reminds me of her and the wonderful times we had together.

These cookies are lovely and soft with the combined flavours of honey and figs balancing out beautifully. I am not one who likes honey all that much but it doesn’t overpower the other flavours in the cookie. Feel free to adjust the spices in the fig mixture to suit your own personal tastes, maybe try cardamom or black pepper if you want something slightly spicier.

NOTE: The figs I had were very dry, should you be using soft figs please only use ½ cup of water when making the fig compote.

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