Adapted from: ‘Wintersweet’ by Tammy Donroe Inman

Yield: 24 Cookies

Ready to Eat!

Ready to Eat!

One of the wonderful ladies I work with came in with a case of limes the other day, and after restraining myself from greedily taking them all I am very proud to tell you I restricted myself to just 10. However then came the next problem… what to do with the limes! I have so many receipes, both sweet and savoury it was really hard to decide what to do with them.

My original intention was to make some Lime, Coconut and Rum cupcakes however after having a rather long day at work I decided to postpone my original intention and make these quick and easy cookies instead. They are an absolute cinch to make and drizzling them with a bit of white chocolate gives them a lovely flourish.

Just a note to be very careful to only zest the green part of the lime, the pith (or white part of the skin) is very bitter and will ruin the flavour of the cookie if included in the batter.

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