Yield: 38 Cookies

Try not too eat them all =)

Try not too eat them all =)

These are amongst the easiest but yummiest cookies that I make. They are wonderfully tender and buttery with the real star of these cookies is the flavour combination of maple syrup and pecans. Call me a sucker but I love almost everything with maple syrup. Use the best quality that you can find, do not try and substitute maple flavoured syrup, it’s the real deal or nothing at all trust me!

Make sure you leave enough time to chill the mixture in the fridge before baking otherwise they will spread too much, you can even chill them again in the fridge for 20mins before baking so they don’t spread as much as the ones in the photos. No matter what though you will end up with a wonderful cookie that you will have to restrain yourself from eating all of them in one go.

Note: I used gluten free flour in the receipe to accommodate for a good friend who is gluten intolerant however it will work just as well with plain flour.

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