Yield: 1 x 26cm Cake

Pretty cake

Pretty cake

This receipe came about as I have a good friend at work that is gluten intolerant and every time I show up at work with my latest baked goods I have to tell her she can’t have any. I feel terribly mean so set out to remedy the situation by baking the best gluten-free cake she has ever eaten! Now whilst she did say that her Mum’s cakes will always be better, and wouldn’t we all say that, she did admit that this cake was pretty perfect!

The cake’s texture is lovely and light with a moist crumb. Pairing pistachio in the cake and rosewater in the glaze reminds me of old fashioned Turkish delight. However if you aren’t a fan of rosewater feel free to omit it and replace with water or just dust with icing sugar instead of using a glaze.

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