Yield: 32 Cookies

Ready to eat!

Ready to eat!

I have the privilege of working with an amazing NPD (New Product Development) Team at work. They are always busy in the kitchen whipping up amazing flavour combinations that continue to entice our customers and make their fellow work mates (me included) just happen to wander past for the chance of tasting their latest creation.

The other day they were tidying up the kitchen and distributing the plethora of ingredients they have extra and I managed to get my hands on around a kilo each of dried dates and dried figs – YUMMY! Once I got home though I realised that I had to actually make something with my haul so it got me thinking. This receipe is one of the outcomes.

Typically Rugelach has a thin layer or jam that you then sprinkle dried fruits, nuts or even chocolate on before rolling into bite size pastries. However, I decided I wanted to use the dates, add some raspberries and make a more ‘jammy’ version. One that makes your mouth pucker up a little bit from the raspberries but has that lovely creaminess from the dates.

Rolling these little beauties are very messy, be warned! You will end up with the raspberry date jam everywhere but the resulting cookie is worth it!

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